Lake Tahoe | large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada

Lake tahoe

“Amazing” is the only word that comes to my mind when I recall my mesmerizing trip to the lake. Hi, I am Lucia back again with a great place and experience to share with you.  Lake Tahoe is freshwater in Nevada; it is located between California and Nevada State. I have been to the lake many times but every time it fascinates me by its overwhelming clarity of water and beautiful panoramic reflection of the mountains.

Tourists flock to the lake all year round (supported by all year open highways) so your trip to the lake depends on your preference of weather. The place provides plenty of options when it comes to adventure and activities you can do here, the place has a number of ski resorts (winters), water sports (summers), tourist spots, golf courses, and casinos (Casinos are located on Nevada side of the lake). When you visit the Lake don’t forget to see The Tallac (Historic spot of the lake), Zephyr Cove, Eagle falls, Big Meadow, The Lighthouse, and Rubicon Point though these places are crowded still they are worth the pain.

To explore and experience the lake better, there are many options available, my choice for summer is the Lake Cruise and for winters I prefer Skiing, other options to explore the lake include the Dogsled, ATVs, Hang glider and rented helicopter.

Some tips that can help you with your trip to the Lake; Do pack your bags with appropriate dresses according to the weather you are planning your trip. Try to do a research on what things are available for rent in the place so you will have to carry less and enjoy more (also this will save some money which you may spend on buying the things you will be used occasionally). To get a good deal on rooms and activities you can plan your visit between the winter and summer, this time of the year sees fewer tourists and is good for a bargain.

Hope my writing helps you in your visit…do share your experiences too…

By – Lucia – Travel Blog Expert (Contributing Author)

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