The wheelbarrow is one of the best tools invented by humans after the invention of the wheel itself. A wheelbarrow is a tool that distributes weight to make it easy to carry. It is hand-propelled and usually has one, two or more wheels and a tray to keep the material to be transported.

Wheelbarrows were meant to be held by hand and moved by pushing the handle towards the desired direction. Although the new additions such as gas-powered wheelbarrow the things have changed, now they can be driven as well. Wheelbarrows come in various sizes and shapes; this is because they are used to carry different capacities loads and solve different purposes.

Why is the wheelbarrow important and how it changed the world?

You must be wondering about the origin of this great invention. As wheelbarrow is commonly used by people around the world, the invention of the same is hence claimed by many. Following are the countries and the societies that have put their claims on the invention of a wheelbarrow:

Romans and Greek
Greeks used wheelbarrows for loading and unloading construction material. The shafts were on the front and it had to pull to move it. Romans must have adopted it from the Greeks.

There are pieces of evidence for the use of wheelbarrows in the construction of tombs and carrying people in China. According to Chinese archeologists, Wheelbarrow was invented by Prime Minister Zhuge Liang (181–234 AD). Later they brought a variation in its design by shifting the structure of its shaft backward so that it can be pushed.

There were two main types of wheelbarrows utilized by the Chinese, one had a front-mounted wheel while the other one had a centrally mounted wheel which was more popular during the third century.

Europeans started using front wheeled wheelbarrows which were considerably different than those of the Chinese. Their design is the one that is still used in modern times.

In the 13th century, it began to be used in mining, construction as well as farming. Interesting use of wheelbarrow was developed by Europeans as they started wheelbarrow race (Awesome sport).

Different names of the wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows have different names in different regions, some of the famous names are barrow cart, pushcart, trailer, transporter, trolley, truck, handcart, gig, two-wheeler, curricle, dray, tumbrel, tilbury, gurney, rickshaw, tumbrel, dolly, buggy, palanquin and farm cart, etc.

Different types of wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow has evolved a lot in the past centuries. The tool that was designed and built to carry load has now evolved to serve different needs of the users. These needs of the users are the reason behind the development of different types of the wheelbarrow that we see today. There are many features and categories in which wheelbarrows are configured in the present times.

Wheelbarrows at Work /Uses of Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows have amazing mechanical properties of distributing the weight between the wheels and the operator. This enables the worker to carry a heavy load from one place to another with ease which would be impossible for him if he tries to do it completely on his own.

They have a wide range of applications ranging from household gardening to construction material transportation. The old wheelbarrows are also utilized as trays for plants, they can be used by almost anyone, there is also a wheelbarrow for kids, which are specially designed for little children who like to work in the garden with their parents. If your wheelbarrow is getting old and rusty it can be used as a wheelbarrow planter.

Typically, wheelbarrows can be used up to 20 years if you take care of them. Broken or cracked wheelbarrows can be used as planters, all you have to do is fill its tray with soil and your old useless wheelbarrow is your new amazing planter where you can plant flowers of your choice.

We mentioned some uses but you can think of more creative and non-conventional uses of them. If you don’t have one yet, grab it! What are you waiting for? In case you are curious about more knowledge related to wheelbarrow types and have no idea of how to choose the best for you, stay with us! we will keep you updated.

By – William – Household & Professional Blog Expert (Contributing Author)

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