How to increase Workplace Happiness | Creating Happy Environment at Work

Workplace Happines

Creating a positive environment at the workplace is of utmost importance for any HR team today. The workplace negativity is a huge problem for any business whether small or big. It can affect the productivity of the business in a long run and may also result in halting the business process itself.

The diversion of attention and critical energy from the processes of the business can adversely affect creative thinking and decision making process inside the organization. A happy environment or positive environment must be created to boost the employee morale and lower the workplace negativity.

As a business owner and entrepreneur you will always receive feedback from the employees in terms of complaints and other formal and informal ways of communication. These feedback’s will work as the prime source of finding out reasons for the negativity in the business environment.

The process of analyzing the symptoms and finding out the source can enable you to plan for the rescue process for business. The process will also help in avoiding the consequences and preventing workplace negativity.

Diagnosing the workplace for negativity can be the first step in solving the problem itself. The steps that can be taken to overcome the negativity in workplace must be carefully executed by the organizational head very carefully and in a flexible manner.

Tips to create positive work environment and lower the work place negativity:

Communication- The best tool that can be used to avoid a negative work environment is communication. A free flow of communication gives the employee a sense of importance in terms of being heard every time they have something to share with anyone in the organization.

The feel of neglect and disrespect that arise due to closed communication channels may lead to development of negativity and this must be avoided at all times.

Provide Opportunities of Growth- The business environment must provide for the growth needs of every employee. The employees must be provided with opportunities in terms of job enrichment and job enhancement to keep them interested and enthusiastic about their jobs.

Absence of such opportunities may lead to development of dissatisfaction and negative behavior in the employees.

Integrate Reward System- Absence of merit based reward system in an organisation can be a big cause of negative environment. Making the employees feel that their contributions are valued by rewarding them can induce a positive feel in the work place.

Work on improving Leadership- Every employee wants to be a part of something big, this feel can be only provided by a leader. Making the employee feel that they have someone to back them anytime they need is the best way of motivating the employees and makes them feel confident in the work that they do.

Making good decisions and avoiding bad ones can develop a sense of trust in the leadership enabling creation of an effective work environment.

Other than all the factors listed above there is a very common mistake we all do as leaders in the workplace is to derive a policy on regulation based on the behavior of the few employees.

Make people follow the rules which are necessary for the smooth flow of business process, creating unnecessary rules can create pressure on employees resulting in their dissatisfaction with the organization.

Creating a win-win situation at work place is the prime responsibility of business owner. Though the negativity generates in the minds of employees, the reason behind development of such thoughts is mostly due to the decisions taken by the management. Workplace negativity is a curable work process disease, but only when you as doctors can diagnose it early and provide solutions for the same.

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