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You work for a company called Allied Engineering that has only one location and owns its own building. The company has decided that it is time to enforce stricter policies about smoking in the workplace. As a senior member of HR, you have been asked to write a company-wide memo explaining the new policies.

The memo will go out under the name of the company president. You have been asked by the executive team to make the memo firm but fair, meaning that the company wants to ensure that the employees know how serious they are about the issue but do not want it to seem heavy handed.

Management has a sincere concern for the well-being of their employees and want that to come through in the memo. The memo should be at least three, but no longer than four pages in length.

The following key points must be included in the memo:

1) A ban on smoking anywhere on company grounds, with the exception of a designated area in the back of the main building, will go into effect in 30 days. The area does have picnic benches, a canopy for shade, a water fountain, and easy access to the building.

2) The company is offering to pay for a smoking cessation program for anyone interested in taking it.

3) The company will be sponsoring an in-house ex-smoker support group that can be attended on company time (1 hour per week).

4) When it comes time to renew health benefits, anyone who is still a smoker will be charged a higher premium for his or her portion of the benefit costs.

5) The company intends to be smoke-free in five years, and anyone who has not stopped smoking at that time will be released from employment.

Keep in mind that this memo is going to all employees of the company (who are all at this location), so it must be written in general enough terms that those at all levels of the organization will understand it.

Also, remember that the goal of this memo is to inform and encourage, but also to let employees know that this is a change that is not up for debate.

Include a fictitious name and contact information in the event that anyone has questions.

Solution :


To: All Employees
From: Company President
Date: August 22, 2022
Subject: Policies about smoking in the workplace

After a careful and detailed discussion, on protecting and enhancing our office buildings air quality and to contribute to the health and well-being of all employees, with all the senior members of the company, I have determined that it is necessary to begin implementing a policy regarding smoking in the workplace.

A ban is initiated, and will come into effect in 30 days on smoking in the company campus, including all the work and public areas. A designated area for smoking has been developed in the back of the main building; this particular area features picnic benches, a canopy for shade, a water fountain, and easy access to the building.

Smoking is permitted only in the designated area and no employees shall smoke on the pathway between the designated area and other parts of the office premises.

The ban has been initiated after considering various benefits of smoke free work place. We have found through our analysis that, with the policy in place our workforce will be more effective and productive. Also in a long run, the smoke free workplace will help the company achieve economic benefits resulting from less leaves, more productivity and less replacement of employees.

It has also been predicted that healthy environment of work will increase morale and provide you all with greater job satisfaction. A smoke free workplace will help us create a positive corporate image in front of our existing and future stakeholders. The lists of benefits from smoke free work place are as follows:

  1. The smoke free work place will improve employee health;
  2. This will also help improve overall air quality;
  3. Healthy employees means better performance and increased productivity;
  4. With increase in performance the overall working costs will be reduced;
  5. The smoke free work environment provides for an enhanced job satisfaction;
  6. As stated earlier the benefits will also reflect in better corporate image.

The policy is been implemented in favor of all the staff, it is been perceived that enforcing this ban and rules associated with it will encourage smokers to cut down initially and in long run will help them quit smoking.

Also this will help the non-smokers to stay away from smoking or getting addicted to the same. Under this policy, the company will offer to pay for a cessation program for those who want to volunteer for quitting the habit of smoking.

This will be beneficial for the employee in two aspects, quitting smoking has health benefits, added to it the program offered will be fully paid from company benefiting the employees financially.

Company is putting all its efforts in implementing this policy because we have a sincere concern for the well-being of everyone in the staff. Going one step forward the company will also like to offer, the people who want to quit smoking, an in house support group fully sponsored by company itself.

This support group can be attended by the employees on company time that will be one hour per week. The support groups will help in increasing the chances of success of those who want to quit smoking. With no extra time needed and ease of availability the support groups are considered to keep everyone in company motivated to move towards the goal of quitting smoking and creating a healthy working environment.

These support groups will provide you with a feeling of hope and confidence to help you quit smoking. The support groups will make the process of quitting smoother by teaching you the ways and methods to keep away from smoking, these groups will decrease the feeling of isolation from the people who think they are been isolated because of smoking and create an healthy environment.

They will plan a road map for quitting the habit of smoking and will help everyone who is associated keep on track and follow the path of healthy life.

All these efforts are taking place with an aim of making the company smoking free and keep it in that way for the coming years. The plan will go in action in 30 days and we would like to encourage everyone to follow the guidelines and adhere to them in the following days.

With all the benefits offered for quitting the smoking habit we are assured that no one will be left behind and the benefits will reach everyone who is really interested in taking up the same. Not abiding by the policy will have its own set of drawbacks.

With all these offerings to help quit smoking, company is also placing some other rules for non-quitters. After the policy comes into effect after 30 days from now, the next health benefit renewal will see some changes. The employees who still will not quit smoking will see a rise in the premium amount for his or her portion of benefit cost.

It will be ensured that this happens at all levels of the company and to all employees. To analyse the cost associated with non-quitting, employees can go through the following study performed by us while making this policy.

Health premiums cost more to the smokers. The difference between a premium of a smoker and a non-smoker is estimated in between 15-20%, to give a figure of difference see this example; if a premium amount of health service for non-smoker costs him $500 per month, this will be higher for the smokers for about $600 at the top end.

It is for everyone to understand that smoking does not go hand in hand with the insurance policy, so it is needless to say, to stay prepared for a hike on the next renewal of the health policy.

The policy created and described here is in benefit of everyone who wants a smoking free work place. The timeline and goals as described here are well studied and analysed before been communicated to you all and implemented in the company. The objective have been planned according to SMART objectives, the policy is-

Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic; Timely.

The policy has been derived with an objective of making the company smoking free in five years from the date of coming into effect. The targets are meant to be achieved by mutual efforts both from the company and all the employees.

The company, as mentioned earlier will provide the employees with – Time, Pay for a smoking cessation program and is also ready to Sponsor an in-house ex-smoker support group. From the employees, only a will to quit is needed which will help him or her to achieve a healthier and happier life ahead.

It is also to be informed that the employees who don’t adhere with the new policy and its timeline will face the consequences after the timeline ends. It has been planned that on completion of five years term of the policy, the employees found not quitting the smoking will be released from their employment and will not be able to continue to work with the organisation anymore.

The management has a very serious concern and intention towards improving the health of its employees. The company also wants a smoking free work environment for all the people working in the premises. This policy has been developed and is to be implemented in the working process of the company to show how serious the company is taking the issue.

Consumption of tobacco and its products is threat for many, the impact of the use is not limited to the consumer or the user itself it also affects the people nearby and in the surrounding areas.

On a positive note, the good news is that, anyone and everyone can benefit from quitting smoking regardless of their age, their smoking history and is they are suffering from any smoking related diseases.

With policy coming into effect, it is expected from the employees that they participate in the implementation of the same with full interest, they are also expected to comply with all the points mentioned in the policy.

New people entering the company must also be informed about this policy so they get ample time to adjust themselves to the regulations. Last but not the least, all employees are requested to report the managers of any instances of breaking of rules of the policy.

Please join me in this new endeavor to make our organisation a smoking free work place. It is for you all to know that though it is difficult to quit smoking, help is available at our campus to make you achieve your goal of quitting smoking.

The decision to quit smoking needs determination and strength, but together we can make the difference.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please direct any question to, Josh Williams, Senior HR Manager.

By – James – Politics & Business Blog Expert (Contributing Author)

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