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Researching three communication mediums that are best suited for connecting with all staff members of a small organisation. Evaluating these three types of communication mediums and why they are appropriate for communicating the message within the organisation.

Effective tools to communicate the message to all staff:

  1. Email to all staff.
  2. Company letter to be sent out to all staff.
  3. Manager’s presentation to staff i.e. PowerPoint presentation.

Research for the Given Scenario

The report here is based on the study and analysis of various mediums of communication available to the managers and describing top three. All three mediums are analysed on the basis of their impact, cost involved, time required and other Pro’s and Con’s.

The conclusion drawn from the study performed on the given task establishes that, while all the mediums provided, present benefits of each, but for most situations the one that best suits is which provides direct interaction and uses less of the resources. To find out more about our opinion the conclusion has been provided at the end of the report.

Effective communication report

The report deals with selection of the best communication medium from a predefined set of options to be implemented in performance of the given task. The task here is to communicate news related to performance of the company and Bonus to be awarded to all the staff of Lee Electronics.

To start with the report first, the mediums available to communicate the message have to be analysed as they are the core of the communication process as suggested by Mary Munter (1987). The report emphasises on selection of a medium which when implemented carries the information to the end receiver with all the meaning it is intended to deliver.

Note that the study involves scrutinizing of various communication mediums on the basis of consumption of resources, their impact and other Pro’s and Con’s when compared to each other all of which is clearly undertaken and explained by Mary Ellen Guffey (2006).

As first part of the report the following mediums have been shortlisted to proceed further with the task provided:

  1. Email to Staff
  2. Company letter to be sent out to all staff
  3. General Manager Presentation to staff i.e. PowerPoint presentation

Basis of selection of these three mediums over the others: The other two mediums that were available for the given task included Posters to be put up around the factory, and Article to go in the company newsletter, but these were rejected because of the following factors:

The research suggest that the option, Posters to be put up around the factory, will be costly and time consuming considering the design, print, and display process involved. Added to it the posters will also deteriorate the feel of the factory once their purpose and time ends (Removal cost and time will also be added).

Coming to the other option, Article to be published in the company newsletter, it is found that the medium is ineffective since the message to be conveyed might not reach all the targeted audience due to the reason that many workers and manager might not read the newsletter itself.

To conclude the three mediums selected earlier have more positive/pros (defined earlier) working in favor of them when compared to the rest two. This comes as a result of finding as stated above and as explained by Bonnie D.Phillips 2012.

Before selecting any one of these three, and implementing it in the communication process, a brief analysis is required of the three mediums one by one; this will make the selection process easier to achieve the effect desired through them as stated by Courtland L. Bovee 2010.

Email to Staff: Considering the modern world and technologically advance work environments of present era, Email communication seems to be a nice selection when it comes to communication of information from a source to single or multiple receiver. The medium is faster than any other option provided and also cost effective. Let us go through some of the positive aspects of this communication medium.

Email communication is not time dependent as it can be communicated any time with no prior appointment. The receiver doesn’t have to wait for someone to communicate; the email waits for the receiver in the mail box and can be opened any time. Multiple people can be involved in the communication process without any physical venue.

To evaluate the negative aspect based on this particular scenario, at times most of the people don’t check their mails or all of them might receive the information at different times (when they open the mail), some people might not have any email id or they might not be technically sound to use this communication method it misses some of the guidelines provided by Fill C. 1995, in the field of effective communication framework.

Last but not the least, as the mail is expected to be sent to all the Staff from entire company including middle management, there is a chance of misinterpretation of or some queries remaining unsolved from the receivers end.

Company letter to be sent out to all staff: This medium of communication is good if the staff size of company is less. This communication medium is shortlisted due its capability that the message/information gets delivered once the letter is handed over to the Staff.

The letter also adds a value to the communication with sense of care and belonging by receiving it directly from the sender.

The negatives about this medium are, the medium seems old school as people don’t communicate through this very often now a days. The letter also costs a lot than the Email as it has to be printed and delivered to the receiver both of which add to cost to company.

Considering the speed of delivery it is slow in comparison to Email and might have a lot of difference in reaching the first and the last person of the Staff.

Manager’s Presentation to staff i.e. PowerPoint presentation: A presentation directly from the Manager to the Staff is also a great option. This will enhance the bond between the management and the Staff. All the communication done will reach everyone at same point of time.

The queries if any regarding the information can be solved in real time, represents proper communication as laid down by Munter 2003.

Coming to the negatives/cons of this medium, there are chances that appointment of the Manager if not available or the Staff cannot be assembled at a particular time of the day.

The cost involved is higher as everyone has to invest their time assembling at the venue. Also it will increase the steps in the process as firstly the Staff will be communicated about the Presentation itself.

Communication through the selected mediums: The mediums selected have unique set of qualities to deliver the message in the factory individually.

Email to staff, the medium is fast and low on cost and the process involves few efforts as minimal as drafting the mail and pressing the send button on the mail delivery service.

Company letter to be sent out to all staff is personalized and confirms the receipt of the message once it is handed over to the receiver. This makes it a good choice for the message to be communicated to the staff.

Manager’s Presentation to staff i.e PowerPoint presentation; this medium can be effective as it relates to direct face to face two way communication between the General Manager and the staff of Lee Electronics.


After a complete analysis of the situation and the task at hand, the report suggests that the best suited medium will be the communication by Manager’s Presentation to staff i.e. PowerPoint presentation; this is done on the basis of contribution by Hall, Bruce F 2004 in communication research. Reason for selecting this is that the medium provides for a direct communication between both the sender and the receiver.

It ensures that all the staffs receives the information in the same way and in the same meaning in which it is intended for. Also it creates a sense for relatedness/connectivity with the higher management and the company itself.


As the report suggest, Manager’s Presentation to staff i.e PowerPoint presentation is the best suited medium for the given task. The following can be done to implement the same into the real scenario and communication process.

A PowerPoint presentation should be prepared by the communication manager and provided to the general manager asking his feedback on the same. Changes as suggested should be made into the PowerPoint and it must be finalized with copy of it delivered to the Manager.

Time slot for the proposed presentation must be finalized with appointment from Manger, time slot of presentation must consider the free time of all the employees so it does not hamper the work of the company.

Finally a location must be finalized and all the people must be informed about the presentation. On the time of presentation all the information should be delivered directly to the employees, queries if any must also be taken care of.


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