Managing remote teams

Managing a remote team and tips for enhancing communication flow, engagement, and productivity

The unprecedented outbreak of the novel coronavirus has taken everyone by shock. Believe it or not, not all businesses were ready for this. There are scores of businesses whose continuity has been... Read more »
Team communication in organization

Communication Between Teams – Case Study

“You have been asked to develop a virtual team to prepare for the opening of a new sales region. Some members of the development team are local, but most of the team... Read more »
Importance of revisions in content writing

In the writing process, why is it so important to revise your work?

Revising in writing process means that a person is trying to look for a possible mistake in the written work; it can be related to Grammar, Sequence or Structure of the written... Read more »
Effective Communication at

Effective Communication – Case Study

Researching three communication mediums that are best suited for connecting with all staff members of a small organisation. Evaluating these three types of communication mediums and why they are appropriate for communicating... Read more »