HR policies regarding Smoking at workplace

You work for a company called Allied Engineering that has only one location and owns its own building. The company has decided that it is time to enforce stricter policies about smoking... Read more »
Team communication in organization

Communication Between Teams

You have been asked to develop a virtual team to prepare for the opening of a new sales region. Some members of the development team are local, but most of the team... Read more »
Importance of revisions in content writing

In the writing process, why is it so important to revise your work?

Solution – Revising in writing process means that a person is trying to look for a possible mistake in the written work; it can be related to Grammar, Sequence or Structure of... Read more »
Rollingpens professional appearance

Why does personal appearance matter? (In a professional setting)

Solution – Though performance and quality of work are the most important factors, while evaluating a person in a workplace, personal appearance is no less important either. Personal appearance has an immediate... Read more »
Effective Communication at

Effective Communication

Effective communication reportProfessional Communication PracticeAssignment 2: Effective communication reportWord limit: 1200 (+/- 10%)Weighting: 20% After you have read this information, head over to the Assignment 2 Q&A discussion board to ask any... Read more »


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