My name is Ravinder Singh Shekhawat, I am the founder of Rollingpens dot com. This platform has been established by me to share my experience in internet, corporate and teaching, ohh and yes my experience in various start ups some of which that failed and the few that succeeded lol. I did my Bachelors in Business Management in the year 2005 and Masters in the same in the Year 2007. Since then i have been going around in this wild world trying to get the best of experiences from the market that may or may not relate to my educational background.

I worked in various companies and educational institutions, i also worked in government and semi government ventures. A day came in my life when i though of doing something else which can satisfy my desire some thing innovative which my jobs could not offer so i left my job and started my own small business. Now with my start ups working i wanted to feed my hunger of writing so started this blog.

RollingPens is established to cater to the content writing market of the world. I observed that there was a something lacking in the content writing market, finding a trustworthy source of content for website, business, personal and educational was a very difficult task which lead to a vast untapped market that could be catered by me or a bit of it lol..

I am available for providing content writing services for Businesses, Bloggers and Students through this website rollingpens.com, people can get in touch with me through Whatsapp and my other social media accounts provided on the website.

At present i have capacity of writing more than 5000 words a day and more with me and my team working on specialized task. I provide services for 7 days a week so that all contingencies of the clients are met. You can count me for the works related to but not limited to writing dissertation, writing assignments, writing reports/ presentations etc. The in house set up also allows me and my team to promptly work on the revisions in the shortest possibly time if desired. We have capacity to deliver the contents in less than 24 hours or even 6-7 hours itself.

Writing service is a service that requires continuous development in terms of standards, style, formats and also the countries dynamics. We run a weekly session on major developments in different nations to allow us be updated with the current global scenario. We understand that different countries have different dynamics and the paper should be written in accordance with the dynamics of the country the customer is targeting in the paper. I and my team have provided services to clients located in USA, the UK, Middle East (U.A.E., Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc). This helps our understanding of particular region stronger than anyone else in the world.